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Finishing a project should be done as soon as you've turned off the soldering iron. The acid in the flux quickly starts to tarnish the solder, making colouring of the solder difficult.

Wet wash the panel with dish washing soap and soft scrubbing brush.
After that, the solder can be coloured to copper or black.

The copper finish is done by applying a liquid solution of copper sulphate. One can purchase CuSO4 crystals from a garden store, about 2 kg's is enough for half a buckets worth. If your item is small enough to fit within a bucket, make a dissolved solution from the copper sulphate crystals and simply immerse your item in the bucket. A couple of min's soaking will do the job, you do not even need to scrub it on.
Keep in mind that CuSO4 is toxic, so store your liquid solution in a closed vessel and safe place, well away from children and animals!

Care needs to be taken when using this chemical. It will stain skin, but worse, it stings badly if it gets into cuts. Wear rubber gloves when using these chemicals.
Do not get it in your eyes! it'll hurt like hell.
Flush out an infected eye with water or eye wash for at least 15 min's. The visit a doctor ASAP!

The black finish is a special liquid brew called patina which contains nitric acid and selenium salts.
Do not get it on your skin, it'll burn and stain. If you do, rinse with water for 30 min's. If it gets in your eyes, flush with water and visit a doctor immediately. If swallowed, drink lots of water then milk.
Needless to say, be very careful using both these chemicals, they do not give you second chances!

Once you have coloured your item, it can be polished to a shinny surface. Metal polishes are used for this (I prefer Brasso) Lightly rub a little on, then buff it off with a clean soft cloth.

Often residual glue from the foil will be present on the solder edges. Brushing along the edges with a shoe or tooth brush will remove this glue. It can be difficult however.

Free hung items

A free hanging item, will usually need a string tied to it. Choose a quality thread that will last many years. For small items, boot makers twine is most suitable. Do not use nylon, itlooses strenght with time and exposure to sunlight.
If your project is large, then picture hanging braded wire or even a fine chain should be considered. Rather you "overkill" the hanging of the item as there is nothing worse than the sound of smashing glass simply because your hanger parted company..!!


For those projects that are window panels and fit into a window setting, consider using the panel as a double glazing layer. By keeping the clear glass on the outside, not only is your stained glass protected from the elements, the duel layer of glass will provide extra insulation if it is set in thoughtfully. Bonus!

Lamp shades

Lamps should always be hung on a chain, never in an electrical cord alone. The reasoning is really self evident, they are quite heavy and deserve a support that will endure time.

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Finishing a project.

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