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Advanced designing I believe best done with a computer.
Not only can you draw with wonderfully smooth curves and high precision, designs can be modified, coloured, numbered and printed to a large format card paper with ease.... Wow! I love it! Another advantage of the computer is that you can crop and scale your design endlessly without destroying the original drawing! That's like magic, yes? I would strongly recommend that if you like designing, learn how to use drawing software....

My Tribute to Michael Clark Duncan

The Green Mile

The drawing above demonstrates this well. It's intended size is 45 by 34 inches.
The drawing it's self took me about 16 hr's to complete. It was drawn with Adobe Illustrator. I have yet to build it.... Doh

If you are fortunate to come across large and detailed designs, you will be able to make use of them in more ways than small designs.... That's a good thing!

Large designs permit you to choose selected areas of appeal and then crop it to suit your frame dimensions. For example you maybe crazy for Tom Hanks or David Morse so you only need to crop to him... :-)

Tom HanksDavid Morse

If the dimensions of your design is quite different to the window frame you intend to fill, apply a crop to the design that is the same aspect ratio as your window frame. Then, apply a scale to bring the design up or down to match the frame dimensions....

crop applied

Be careful with scaling down because you may make the small shapes too small to manage in glass!

More text to come..... :-) 9jan14