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Center Ones Self

To use crystals effectively one needs to have a centered state of mind from which to work. Crystals amplify whatever energies are around them so whatever you are feeling may well be enhanced when crystals are close by. To balance is not to make yourself neutral, rather you are centered with your feelings so that your emotions are balanced. Balance means you are feeling without allowing them to control, overwhelm or distract you from your intent. If, at any time you have difficulty in achieving or maintaining your center, put your crystals aside and return to them later. There are many ways to achieve centering. Here are but four. I suggest you try each, then use those which serve you best.

Centering by relaxation.

To begin, take a few slow, deep breaths and allow your body to relax into a comfortable position. Beginning with your feet, tense the muscles tightly and hold them for 10 seconds, then relax. Then, in sequence, repeat this action all the way up your body; your calves, thighs, buttocks, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, face, and scalp. Breath into each part as you go. On the in-breath you draw life to yourself. The out-breath allows release to occur, here is your opportunity to dump the stress your body holds. When this part is done, go inwards to your own space and begin to imagine. Your imagining may take you into a forest, among the clouds, an enchanted garden maybe. The objective is to create a mood of tranquillity and peace. Once you have created your calmness, your crystal work may begin.

Centering by water.

Bathing is an act of cleansing body and soul. When done intentionally for balancing, it is very effective indeed! Take time out to enjoy a warm bath or shower. Water not only washes away the grime, it will calm a worried mind of stress when done as a sacred and deliberate act. Use bath salts and candles as one pleases. Feel deeply its warmth and wetness and allow it to soothe your busy mind.

Centering by Grounding.

To go about bare foot is to always be connected to earth. It is a sad fact that too many of us wear shoes to often and are insulated from grounding to the earth. Take a walk bare foot on the earth. There are definite balancing effects that are created when doing this. Its like drinking fresh spring water or the warmth of the sun. To walk in the open, anywhere that pleases you will do just fine. Your objective is to center, your activity is movement and extroversion. By placing your attention outwardly onto the environment, you connect with physical reality and your own universe will assume a more balanced prospective.

Centering by Breath

Breathing is the beginning and end of your life. The depth and quality of your every day life has everything to do with how you breath. In centering it is used as a means to achieve your focus and empower your intention. Understand that breathing is the most fundamental of the bodies actions you have control of. This fact gives us power when realized and applied. To use it for centering, take three long, slow, deep but comfortable breaths, intend by self command to become balanced. The skills of centering and balance are rarely taught to us as children, so as adults we often need to break life long habits of stress as well as remembering to breath deeply. Centering may seem difficult at first, but like any new activity, familiarity comes with practice. There will come a time when centered is a description for your life and very little will upset your being.