Copy freely by Karal Studio
Copyfreely is the opposite to the ideal of Copyright.

defined here, for the purposes of the pages within the karal web site....

By my choice all copyfreely material found on the karal web site is public domain material!!
You may copy, print, apply, promote and even make money from everything you find within my
Copyfreely pages that bare the following graphic

copy freely material
In exchange I ask that the materials source remains with the copies you make....
This web site contains my writings, ideas, photos and devices that I've personally made and am able to share and give as I choose.
Therefore I state that I hereby give them freely to all who'd like to see and use.

These pages serve as a way to gift and disclose my ideas to you all.
My hope is that you will find something to apply, and at very least you will be given some new thoughts to ponder...

J L Alloway first published to the web in 1996

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